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A one-night stand with my brother’s best friend. I never thought of him again, until today… this isn’t happening, not after all these years! He disappeared without a word… without a trace.

I left my small-town home and never looked back. I had goals and ambitions. Get through law school, intern at a prestigious firm, get hired, be promoted, and become a named partner.

Little did I know all of that could unravel because of my fiancé (a blown-up engagement, a stolen client, and an opportunity lost).

Coming home for my brother’s wedding and a chance to find myself again, but there HE is, Finn. Coleman. I had never thought of him again, but now all the emotions, sensations, and memories come flooding back.

And as fate would have it, we get stuck together again and again.

But this can’t happen; it shouldn’t have happened. Not then, not now! But he feels so right, the touch of his lips on mine, his hands around my waist, and his smell. O.M.G.

No, I can’t… he’s my brother’s best friend, his best man, and my biggest regret… or is he?

Second Chance: An off-limit brother's best friend romance

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